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baby i love you

I love you very much

things come, happen, and go,
I will always be there for you.
experienced many things together,
We have shared so much together,
and we have never bored.
times with you,
are times that I love.
good and bad times,
We will never avoid.
because you and me
together side by side.
Everything we can,
and will never stand alone.
know I love you very much,
and if possible I would catch a bullet for you.
how much you mean to me,
You can never count out.
I never want to lose everything! ,
I would never forgive myself,
I will not go live.
because with you I can laugh and cry,
I will do nothing to change it for anything.
Our Love is not for a moment,
but for the whole life!

Know that I will love you forever!
Honey, I'll never let you go

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