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Without you

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Without you

If you had a choice, then what would you chose, to do? I could live without money. And if everyday was sunny, i could live without the rain. And if I ever went up to heaven, i would fall right back down. That life wouldn't be living. Because you're the one I couldn't live without.

If I couldn't blink, would I still be able to see you? I couldn't imagine. Without arms could I reach, no way could I ever hold you. If I couldn't dream, would I believe that there could be a you and me.

And know that something's wrong. And I'm afraid that you're moving on. How can I fly when you're my wings? You can take it all from me, and it wouldn't mean anything.

Turn the whole world against me. As long as you don't leave. It's getting hard for me to sleep, Even harder for me to breathe. I'm used to life with you.

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