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Dewi Klaessen

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You give me life you let me breathe again, you're not a boy but a real man, one who knows how to treat a woman right. You swep me off my feet you say the right things to me.

You're not too soft nor too hard, you are exactly what i need and want.
I'm happy i feel alive i never want this feeling to die.
This sparkle this fire this endless desire everything seems clear now.

My heart my soul you got it all, you feel me we are a team
We are strong we can conquer it all.
I never fell this hard you make me happy you make me thrive you let me fantasize you give me hope you give me dreams i could never leave.
Your passion and your ambition you learn me to go for everything in life you learn me to dare when i'm afraid to try.
We both see things eye to eye that's what makes me happy cause we don't fight we don't play.
We have what it takes to keep it good to keep it smooth there's nothing else i would want because you give me endless love.

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