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Past that still cuts

The past has been tough it gave me pain it gave me heartache, it gave me nothing I wanted.
I've learned to accept to make mistakes to change my mindset in a positive way.

I cheated I lied but before that I always fought for what was mine.. I've cried I've tried I've screamed for help but he didn't see it.
I warned I told him multiple times I can't take this any longer it's starting to die this love doesn't grow it's not where it belongs.

I was stuck afraid to go afraid of change afraid to grow he let me believe that we were meant to be but nothing was as it seemed
We were unhappy we were not the same I was too free and he tried to keep me tamed
Jealousy insecurities and no support financial issues got worse as he thought he knew everything,while he was selfish and didn't give anything.

I got blamed while I did everything and that is something I will not forget because you left a scar on my back my heart and my brain you left me hanging with pain we both moved on but this memory is still not gone.

Writing this down makes it easier to give it a place that way it will take away the pain.

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