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pain and suffer

Love is fragile love is kind love is beautiful one of a kind. Love is like thorn it went right through my heart ,love is what makes me fall apart.
Dealing with betrayal dealing with pain i lost more with you then I've ever gain.
Tears dried up empty space my heart is full of hate of resentment it's a void no more left to pour.
I want to love .i want to be the one and only for you, but you can't see because all you care about is you seeking your own truth.
You push me you pull me in all the wrong ways you make things fall out of place.
You leave a mark on me you, destroyed who i used to be, I've become this insecure girl with no confidence left to show.
I wish we never were because all you do is making me feel hurt and regret.
I try to tell you how i feel but to you it doesn't matter because it was never real.
My passion is dying my hopes are gone without you i feel left alone.
Hopeless i am falling apart trying to hold on and believe in a new start, i want to believe that we are meant to be but after what you've done pain and suffer is all i see.

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