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All in vain

I love you deeply i love you my dear but everything has changed and i don't know why were still here.
I wish i could have changed and turn back time i wish you could be forever mine.
You shine a light on my face you sometimes you are my cloudy days. No matter what everybody says i will always love you with beauty and grace i have always been afraid that someone would take you away, I can't let go of what's mine but i have to accept that we've tried too many times.
Your eyes are the window to my soul your laugh makes me whole your body is like a temple to me and you as a person mean everything to me.
You cast a spell on me you made me fall in love so deep that i can't stand on my feet.
I wish this could be different is wish this love could last but unfortunately too much happened in the past. I tried to trust you i tried to believe i tried to do everything to make you see.
You are my beating heart and this will give me a lot of pain but i will have to say we do not work in any way.
I'd like to believe that you are the one i saw it when i we just begun, you made me smile you made me feel like nobody has ever made me feel, you drive me wild and make me cry you make me angry and make me lie you make me sad you make me all the things i tried to forget. You bring out the worst in me things that I,ve never seen, you say you love me but i feel like you don't you're just here to wait until someone will go someone will leave.
You play your tricks on my mind you play with my feelings all the time. you know i love you very well that's why sometimes love can be a living hell. I've tried many many times to get you out of my mind, but then i caught myself crying and again i keep trying to believe that you are the one for me that you are the man of my dreams, but in reality you are my worst nightmare you never leave you're always there,in my head in my brain on my body all in vain.

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